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Paper Packaging Machine

Paper industry is one of the ever-growing industry as the spectrum of eco-friendly paper products broadens more and more. A proficient and prudent packaging is essential for the meaningful products produced in this industry. The Two Roll Automatic Shrink wrapping machine which applies for bigger products caters to various sizes of the merchandise to be shrink packed.
Our passion to provide an intact and secure package for the entire gamut of paper products includes Paper and paper ream packaging of all sizes, Paperboard packaging, Craft paper packaging bundles, Notebooks packaging, Books packaging, Carton boxes packaging, Tissue paper packaging and Tissue rolls packing. This is efficaciously realised with our design Two Roll Automatic Shrink wrapping that uses heat shrink films like LDPE shrink film or polypropylene shrink film. You can find here the sizes and models to choose for your specific product.

folio paper bundles packed
a3 paper bundles shrink wrapped

Beverages industry

As Beverage industries are consistently optimizing their operations through automation, there is a crucial need for efficient and agile packaging systems. This enables the manufacturers to increase their production and output without expanding the plant. Italindia Packplus private limited manufactures shrink wrap solutions to the specific and niche needs of customers - of which a popular model is Glass and Plastic Bottle Packing Machine TR8 A90°.
This shrink wrapping machine for PET bottles meets wide range of capacities – from 200 to 2000 ml bottles in a single machine, ensuring fast and stable production. It enhances the customers’ Brand loyalty and transparency on one side and reduces manpower cost over traditional carton packing on the other. The customer can choose their model based on whether they require manual bottle shrink wrap machine or automatic bottle shrink wrap machine. For more details click here.

bulls eye packing
beverages - bottles tightly packed in matric form

Textile Industry
TR8A/ 10A and Sally series

Our Shrink wrapping series satisfies the quintessential needs of divergent industries. One of our major clienteles includes Textile industries. The Shrink wrap solutions protects the textile products from dirt, dust, humidity and environmental influences while in transit and in store. It definitely adds abundant value to the prized merchandise that you produce, eliminating pilferages during transit and ensures tamper-proof protection for end-users.
Fabric Roll packaging, garments packaging, bundles of garments packaging and cloth rolls of any length are judiciously wrapped by LDPE shrink films or polyolefin shrink films in our industrial packaging machines. The Two Roll series models bundle packs your garments before packing in carton boxes. The Sally series with the versatile models accommodate different sizes of products to be wrapped. All-four-sides-closed packaging for garments, single garment packaging or bundles of garments packaging, cloth rolls of any lengths packaging are all securely done with our automatic shrink packing series ensured with a swift and stable output.

fabrics shrink wrapped
fabric in roll form shrink wrapped

Pharma Industry

The Pharma companies are booming recently and they do really need to ensure that their products are safely and securely reaching their destinations all over the globe. The agility that is required in the industry is explicit and it is essential to do the needful to take care of the global needs in a protected and profound manner.
Our Automatic and semi-automatic versions of the Two Roll Shrink Wrapping machine best suit the industry requirement of shrink wrapping pharma products that includes medicines, masks and other personal protective equipment. LDPE shrink films and Polyolefin shrink films are appropriately used for safe packaging of the products to ensure safe transit, secured storage and enhanced visibility. For more details of the different series and models available, click here.

shrink wrapped vaccinations

Engineering Industry

The multi-faceted engineering components manufactured in the engineering industry are yet another benefactor of our shrink wrapping solutions. Be it small sized mass manufactured components or large sized parts like sheet metals, sheet metal components or fabricated items, our Automatic shrink wrap machines gives the intact and outstanding shrink wrap that your product deserves.
Choice of the machine model and the shrink film will provide a range of benefits to the engineering components including protection from scratches, humidity, temperature, dirt, handling, warehouse stacking, transit and in-transit stacking and vehicle vibration and switching shipment mode impacts. Appropriate shrink wrapping machine model can be chosen from the range of categories and models that we specialize in.

shrink wrapped filter sleeves
casting components shrink wrapped
motor shrink wrapped

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